Clutch Time-TIWIKAWIGH #7: Wedding Inspiration from Ely Fair, Oklahoma City Photographer

I'm now wishing that I had chosen another name for this series...something a little less lengthy perhaps. Oh well. In my weird sense of humor, I kind of think it's funny. Here is the 7th edition of Things I Wish I Knew About When I Got Hitched. Anyway. The thing that I wish I had known about this week is bridesmaid clutches. I've been seeing them a lot lately on wedding blogs, and I think they're such a cute idea as a gift. Something that the bridesmaid can tote along with them at the reception, but not feel like she's deviating from the wedding party uniform look. Plus, unlike the promises of many bridesmaid dresses, they will probably actually use them again (although I am very proud to say that all of my bridesmaids have told me that they have worn their dresses again).

These are some of my favorites:

(Photos from vendor websites)

1-3: Bagtelles and Co.. She has some really fun patterns and designs. And you know me, I love personalized things! 4-5: Ila Handbags. Love these. The ruffly one comes in an assortment of colors. 6: Made by Hank. Always a pleaser.

Have a happy Friday and Happy April Fools-- don't let anyone trick you!!!!!! xoely

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