Bag Lady: Review on Camera Bags from Ely Fair, Oklahoma City Photographer

So I used to be really bad about buying purses. But I've been really proud of myself because I haven't really bought a new purse in almost two years! Well...that's kind of a lie because I had to buy and emergency purse when I was on vacation, but it was super cheap. And is now my travel purse. But I think the reason that I have been so good is because my purse obsession has be filtered into a different sector of bags....Camera Bags.

I know. It's ridiculous. Don't judge me. Okay, you can judge me a little. I judge me a little. And I even have one more that I couldn't find. I feel like such a glutton. But I think that because I ordered them and searched for them online, it made it hard to know exactly what I needed/wanted. And some of it came with experience. So maybe if I pass my knowledge onto you, it will in some way validate my over abundance of bags?

It's just that finding the perfect bag is hard to do! And a different bag for every situation is sometimes in order! But the Kelly Moore (1) beaut above came in the mail today because I think it is the accumulation of all the things I need! Stylish AND big enough to fit all the equipment that I need. Even room for a laptop. So here are my thoughts on the bags I have, so maybe it can help keep you from buying 6 bags in 2 years.

We will start with #1. My newest that is pictured larger in the first pic. It's the Kelly Moore Libby Bag in Carmel. I'm really rather enthralled with it because it encompasses all of the things that I've been looking for. First off, it's large enough to house all of the things that I need to bring for a wedding. I also like that it has shoulder straps in addition to its over body strap. Because, let's face it, sometimes the girls make it awkward for me to wear it across my chest. And it also allows me to hold it a little closer to my body, so I don't feel like I'm running into everything or can't fit through doors. So far, in the two hours I have owned it, I give it a 10. I like the leather, and I like the way it feels. And considering it's size, it's pretty light to start with. So far I only have Pros, no Woes

#2: The ShootSac:

Pros- I like my shootsac a lot for when I am shooting weddings. It has pouches that lenses easily slide in and out of. It hugs the body well, so I'm not knocking over candles as I maneuver down isles. It's comfy as well. I wear it through a whole wedding. I originally asked Ryan if he wanted one, but he said no, but after several weddings he has shot with me now, he sees how convenient it is and wants one now.

Woes- But I don't typically bring it to portrait shoots. It is designed to house lenses, and does a fine job at it, but doesn't have a place for a camera. So I find it is more cumbersome to take to family or engagement sessions because I have to have two bags then.

#3: Pelican Rolling Bag: Honestly, there wasn't much thought put into buying this bag. The week before our first out of town wedding, I figured that we should get a rolly camera bag, so I just got the best one from our local camera store. We had carried our equipment on vacation once, and the trek through the airport was pretty exhausting. I don't have anything bad to say about this one, but we use it rarely so I don't have a lot to say about it other than if you plan on traveling with equipment, I highly recommend a rolly bag, and make sure it can fit under your seat or in the overhead. You don't want to have to check it.

#4: Another Kelly Moore. This one was actually a Christmas present, so it doesn't count against me, right? One thing that I want to be better about is taking my camera more places. Last year one of my sweet friends lost her Grandfather in a bicycling accident, and the community of cyclists got together and did a memorial bike for him and another man. As I waited with her and her family and friends, first 10 bikers came over the hill. And it was touching. And then more kept coming. And more. And more. And I really wished that I had brought my camera because it was a really touching experience. Thankfully someone else had. But I had thought about it, but didn't want to take it because I didn't want to lug my big bag around.

Pros: So I decided I would like a purse like option that still would protect my camera. So this one is the Kelly Moore Hobo bag. I've been pretty pleased with this one. I even had a couple people ask me if it was from anthro, which of course tickled my fancy.

Woes: Overall I would give it a 7, only because I don't love the finish on the leather, and for some reason it has a weird odor to it. It's aired out quite a bit in the few months I've had it, but I can still smell it sometimes. When I was going to order a larger bag (see #1), I actually wanted the JuJu Bag, but it had the same finish so I was leery. But obviously, it wasn't so bad that it kept me from buying another Kelly Moore. (I swear, they aren't paying me).

#5: 6 Million Dollar Crumpler. We like this one because we feel our gear is very protected in it. I'm confident if I dropped it (from any normal height, not out a window or anything) that our stuff would be okay. We love that it has a handle on top. It makes it nice for getting out of the car. The only downs I think are that it is pretty bulky. I do feel like I'm not going to fit through doors when it's across my hip. And it pretty much screams camera bag with the material. But, or course, Ryan would much rather carry this one than my girly ones. Crumpler has some really cool backpacks, too...but I mustn't look!

#6: Last, but not least, another Kelly Moore. This one is actually Ryan's, but I've been stealing it for the past few months. It's the The Kelly Boy Bag. This is the first Kelly Moore we got, and then I was hooked.

Pros: We love the way it looks. The leather is nice, and it really looks like a messenger bag, which is nice. Ryan is pretty dashing wearing it :). It houses what we need for a typical family of couples shoot, and is pretty comfortable. There is a nice long pocket in the back that I keep model releases because I'm constantly forgetting them. They also have a cool mustard color that I was afraid of because you never know what the actual color is like looking online, but I saw several at WPPI, and it's a great color.

Woes: I feel like the strap quality doesn't match the rest of the bag, it seems kind of cheap and has started to fray a little. It also is held together with magnets, so it doesn't feel as secure. I've actually dumped all my stuff before because I grabbed it the wrong way, but thankfully it was in the car, so nothing was hurt.

And there you have it folks, those are my thoughts on my bags. Most of them are more for the carrying a lot of equipment. But there are also some nice smaller bags that I looked into before I got my purse bag christmas present.

You can check some of them out here:

And everyone let's give a hand to my wonderful and talented husband who took all these photos! He's good, isn't he??




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