Airplane Hangar Engagement Session: Ely Fair, Oklahoma City Wedding Photographer

I am floating in the clouds about this photo shoot. A couple of weekends ago I hiked up to T-town to take photos of some of my favorite clients. Lauren and Harlen were two of my first clients that I didn't already know before the photo shoot. I remember being so excited and nervous to meet with real, not-a-member-of-my-family or "beg to let me take your photos" clients. And, of course, it all went completely not how I expected it to. We were going to take 6 month pictures at the pumpkin patch. And the directions that I printed off (yes, archaic, I know. It was before we broke down and got iPhones) took Ryan and I to a dead end. So I was late. And then the pumpkin patch was closed for actually picking pumpkins. And it was gray and misty outside. So my idea of talking photos walking through the patch with some beautiful sun flare just went plum out the window. But Lauren was a sweet as can be. And, as most things, the shoot turned out awesome. I mean, how can you not take a cute picture of this little gem:

Now, imagine her a year younger in a bumble-bee costume. Yeah, simply too cute for words. And she still is :)

Even after the lateness and the bad weather, and I'm sure all of my nervous chatter, Lauren still kept in touch. And I've gotten to know her identical twin sister, Nikki (stay tuned for some fun pictures from Boston's 1 year birthday). And I couldn't have been happier for when she told me that she had gotten engaged. Well, I thought that until she also told me that she wanted to do the photo an airplane hangar! You can't imagine how excited I was. Out of control. And I'm super excited to share these with you now.

Lauren and Adam were so great, and totally great sports about doing some my stylized shoots. SO. MUCH. FUN.

These two just light up around each other. I am so happy for you, congratulations! xoely

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