Things I Wish I Knew About When I Got Hitched #6-Fun Cake Toppers: Wedding Inspiration from an OKC photog

It's back! I know you've missed TIWIKAWIGH the past two weeks, cried yourselves to sleep, I'm sure. But never fear! Here for your oooing and awing pleasure! Anyway, today's subject is take toppers. The finishing touch of personality that makes your cake all your own.

I loved our wedding day. It was a day that was filled with people that we love, celebrating the love that Ryan and I have. And it was exactly what I wanted-- a big fun party. People actually stayed after we left and still danced and ate and had fun! My brother-in-law even graced everyone with his killer break dancing moves! So I am lucky that I have very few regrets from that day. And this is one of them: I forgot to get a cake topper.

In the spectrum of life, no big deal. But I LOVED my cake. LOVED it. No one ate it because my mom catered an amazing spread of chocolates, desserts and pastries that filled up two ten foot tables, but it was so pretty.

My problem was that I wanted something special for it. And I even had a vintage one picked out online, but just plum forgot to get it. So, I don't want you to do the same. Here are some of the ones that I've thought about buying and photoshopping onto our pictures!

Clockwise: Ready Go, Jamie Mancilla, Goose Grease, Herriott Grace, & Hey Babe Studio (photos came from their websites)

Soo sweet, all of them. I think the Herriott Grace ones would have been perfect perched upon the top of my ruffly cake. :) xoely

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