Carigan and DeLaney: Ely Fair, Oklahoma City Child Photographer

I love this photo shoot. And a huge part of that is because I love this family. It was my first time to work with them ever, and they were so kind and warm to me, I felt like I was at home with them. Mom and Dad were so excited about the photos, and it was fun to get to bounce ideas off of them and they knew just the right times to try to get smiles, and just the right times to step back and let me work with the sweet little ladies to capture some genuine moments. So pretty much, they were the dream clients. In fact, after the session they were worried about the air pressure in my tires, and wouldn't let me leave with-out filling them up a little. I was talking to my Mom afterwards telling her about the session, and she was very appreciative that someone was taking care of her baby, too. :)

Anyway, I can go on and on about them, but I know you're not here for my ramblings, but want to see the good stuff.

Carigan and I got to be buddies. She even showed me her room, and told me about the princess party she got to dress up for. Too cute.

So blessed to have such wonderful people to work with. Thanks for everything! xoely

Grayson's One Year Sneak Peek: Ely Fair, Oklahoma City Photographer

Busy Bee: Ely Fair, Oklahoma City Photographer