Coop & Kerr: Ely Fair, Oklahoma City Photographer Visits Tulsa Again

Do you remember Coop and Kerr from their newborn photos? Man, have these little guys grown! I can't believe these are the same fellows from 4 months ago! Now, I have to say that this shoot was out of the ordinary for me in a couple ways. First, we took baby photos on the street outside of a bar. Which normally would be very strange. But, Mom and Dad actually own Arnie's Bar!

So, this picture is probably my favorite picture of the whole day. And I didn't do anything at all to make it happen, other than have my camera out. We were standing on the corner, waiting for traffic to clear, and Jo stole a little kiss from Chris. Which was so great, because I had been prompting them to give each other a little smooch all afternoon. And they would just giggle and feel akward. But this was totally unrehearsed, and totally perfect. Okay, I have a disclaimer: No Children were harmed, or came close to harm, in this photoshoot. This is thing number 2 that I don't normally do in photoshoots. Put small children in the middle of the road. And, no, the answer is no, I won't do it again! Even though there were barely any cars around, I will still super stressed out. But Mom and Dad had the idea, and I love these clients so much that I can't say no to them. I probably would eat my own left hand for them (not my right, because I need that to click pictures--I won't go that far). I love their little I Heart Tulsa pics, on Boston Street. And I end with another one of my favorites. The babies are precious, and cute, and sweet, and so may other adoring adjectives that I could say. But really, it's all about these two. Their love is what makes this family a family. These two have a love that is so infectious. I feel so honored to be able to capture a tiny bit of it. 

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