Things I Wish I Knew About When I Got Hitched #2: Wedding Inspiration from Ely Fair

TIWIKAWIGH #2 is a double feature! Whoa, I know, it's only the second one and we are pulling out the big guns.

I’ve been seeing lots of little places pop up for party supplies and decorations. Sweet LuLu and Garnish are my favorite. I would describe Sweet LuLu as more fun and more for decorations, and Garnish is a great resource for more basic materials that you can customize.
Here are some of my favorite things from Sweet LuLu (all images from the Sweet LuLu website):
And I think these would be some great decorations for The Booth! Hint, hint…
I love Garnish because their products are more basic, so you can completely customize them for your wedding. I’ve been obsessing over the wooden silverware for a while (photos below are from Garnish website).
I think that the fruit crates would be precious to do a creative seating chart with them. Like have chocolate covered strawberries or raspberries in the crates, and then do a toothpick with a cute flag on top with the name and table on it.
And how cute would it be to have these for apple cider or hot chocolate for a winter or fall wedding to have little custom stickers with your Monogram (that’s it Lesley and Justin, a monogram was the word I was looking for the other night!!).
Oh the possibilities! I have so much fun thinking of them all. I hope you have fun looking and creating, too! xoely

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