Shoot Out with Justin and Mary: Ely Fair, Oklahoma City Photographer

OMG, OMG, OMG. So at the end of February I’m going to attend WPPI in Vegas. I’ve never been before, so I’m trying to figure out the ropes. But I am excited to spend time around other photographers, and see what and where the industry is going. And I’m happy to hear that the speakers are some of the photographers I respect and am familiar with. This post in particular relates to Justin and Mary who will be speaking at the conference on Thursday, February 24th at 9am about ‘How to Be a Rainmaker.’ AND THEY ARE OFFERING A FREE SHOOT OUT WITH THEM. They are choosing 20 people who write a blog post about why we want to attend, so even though I normally try really, really hard not to enter contests or use my blog as a tool for myself, I CAN’T HELP IT BECAUSE I WANT TO GO SO BAD. So please bear with me as I madly do a blog post on my lunch break and go thru my….

Top 11 (in honor of 2011) reasons why I want to attend J&M’s Shoot Out:

Reason 11- Since I’m going to Vegas all on my lonesome, it will help me to make friends!! Well, maybe. I will if I don’t scare them with my bed head hair since I will likely roll out of bed to come. I promise I’ll brush my teeth though.

Reason 10- I will get to see what cute outfit Mary is wearing, and wish that I were as cute and stylish as she is.

Reason 09- And then we could talk about our affinity for Glee and Meyer Lemon Williams-Sonoma hand soap.

Reason 08- I have really been wanting to do a creative shoot lately -not for clients, just for myself.

Reason 07- I am excited about the opportunity to stalk, err, learn from J&M and their shooting habits.

Reason 06- It is my first time to visit Vegas, so it will get me acquainted with the MGM Grand.

Reason 05- My pup Pete would be excited because I would likely be in an excellent mood and shower him with treats. So, I mean, it's all for Pete's sake.

Reason 04- The price fits right into my budget :)

Reason 03- I think it would be really cool to get to see another example of husband and wife interaction while working, since that’s what Ryan and I are. Husband and wife. And we shoot pictures together.

Reason 02Lens Pro to Go is going to be there with some lenses…oooooooooooo….maybe I can try out that 70-200 I’ve been lusting err, watching…

Reason 01 – It would help me fulfill my unresolved resolution for 2010 to attend a workshop!!!!!!!!!

So if anyone else can think of any reasons why I should want to go, please feel free to add a comment!!!

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