Ms. Wood and her Letterpress: Ely Fair, Oklahoma City Photographer

This weekend Ryan and I had the pleasure of hosting Mr. and Ms. Wood at our home because EXCITING THINGS were happening in OKC for them. Well, I suppose it is a singular, and exciting thing was happening. Clare purchased a letterpress. And not just any little tabletop press, no, a HUGE, two-thousand pound, electric beautiful work of metal. She is starting a little design shop called Carriage House Design Co. It's fresh out of the oven, so she's probably going to be mad at me for posting a link, but you should follow her blog because I KNOW she is going to do great work. The man who sold the press to her is named Don. He just happened to be the same guy who sold me my press (small world!!), and he also just happens to be the nicest man alive. And he is just an incredible wealth of knowledge on life things (that he shared in many stories), but also just incredibly knowledgable on how to print. And you can tell he's just one of those people who loves the art of what he does, and loves to see it carried on. It was fun for me to get to photograph the dynamic of a master and apprentice-- the experienced and wise passing on his art to the young and fresh.

We got to practice on a press that is more like mine:

So now that I've had a refresher course on how to print, I've vowed that I will use my press this year. I'll have to add that to my New Year Promises. Any suggestions on what to design to start with??


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