Kyle and Carrie's Ice Skating Engagement Shoot: Ely Fair, Oklahoma City Lifestyle Photographers

Oh boy oh boy oh boy! I'm excited about this photo session. For many reasons: 1- the subjects are ridiculously photogenic, 2- I love the theme, 3- It was an idea of their own! Kyle is the little brother of my good friend Kristen. I photographed Kyle and Carrie and their family (Kaitlin, Kristin, Clayton & Brian…talk about getting tongue tied when directing people) back in October as a gift for their parents. I knew they had recently been engaged, and I secretly was really hoping they would contact me about taking photos for their wedding. When Carrie called me I think that I talked about a million miles a minute because I was so excited.

You know I harp on how much I love it when clients come to the table with ideas. I mean, I really do. I like to brainstorm and concept myself, but when a client proposes an idea, I know that they are going to be into it, and have a fun time with it. And Kyle and Carrie suggested that we do photos at the Downtown in December ice skating rink. They were such good sports while I toted them all around down, made them do every pose on ice possible, had brief equipment malfunction, and got kicked out of the Skirvin for taking pictures without getting permission (oops—although I’ve been reading on the rights of public photography, and I’m pretty sure we were within our rights. Oh well, who needs to make enemies anyway?). But throughout all of that, they were all smiles and kindness.

I can’t wait for their wedding at the Dominion House in May, it’s going to be gorgeous!

I really like the little one on the right-- that is very something that Ryan would have to do for me! Plus, I like how he's taking care of her :)Yay! xoxoely

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