Sweet Boston's 9 months: Ely Fair, Oklahoma City Child Photographer

This kiddo is getting even cuter and sweeter every time I see him. And his mommy must know my weakness-- babies in hats. I can't get enough of them, give me more babies in hats, I need more babies in hats! (I hope someone understands that reference...) After you see these, you will know why. I think that 9 months might be my favorite time to photograph babies. They're at the point when I think their personality is really starting to shine. At least to me. I'm sure that mom and dad see it from day 1, but nine months to me just seems magical. They are interested in their surroundings (especially grass. Man, grass in interesting), but they're also interested in you. And they always seems so content with just taking in their surroundings. And they can't walk quite yet, so I can still keep up with them. :)

So sweet. This family is so sweet.

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