Rebecca & Stefan: Ely Fair, Oklahoma City Wedding Photographers

Okay. It's way past my bedtime. But I couldn't wait to share these photos because they are kinda special to me. Special because of who is in them. Don't get me wrong, I think that all of my clients are the bee's knees, but last week I got to photograph the wedding of my oldest friend--Rebecca. Rebecca and I have been friends since grade school. Mrs. Murray's 4th grade class brought us together. Don't believe me? I have photo proof (forgive the quailty-- I was lazy and used my phone).

This was from when we went to horseback riding camp after we survived the pearls of 4th grade together. We all got camp nicknames-- hers was Sunflower because she liked Sunflowers. Mine was Cats. Because I liked cats. And, PS, apparently I was trying to be 80 because I liked cats and wore mom pants at the age of 9.

Anyway, it was all too fitting that Rebecca fell in love with a man who comes from a place that has seas of sunflowers. Sit, stay for a while, I'd like to tell you one of the most romantic true stories I've ever heard.

Rebecca spent the past few years volunteering in the Peace Corp in Moldova. I didn't even know where that was when I found out where she was going (honestly, I'm still not really all that sure...). Anyway, she was teaching English in a grade school when one of her co-teachers asked her if she would be willing to give English lessons to a local Moldovan man. And, like all good love stories go, she was really resistant. The last thing she wanted to do after a long day of teaching English, was to go teach English some more to some random person, let alone a Moldovian man. But, being the kind person she is, she agreed. And as his English vocabulary grew, so did the affection between them. Fastforward, and here we are now, on their wedding day.

Rebecca did some really creative and sweet things for her wedding day. She chose wheat to be a symbol for her day, so she incorporated that into the bouquets, boutonnieres, and even into a hairpiece. So creative! And, naturally, she chose sunflowers. :) And she planned all of this in 6 weeks!

I think this is my favorite series. They're so sweet.Rebecca- I remember playing MASH with you and dreaming what our lives would be like when we grew up. I specifically remember that you were going to marry Price William. He must have moved onto Kate after he realized you already found your prince. I couldn't be more happy to have been a part of your special day. I am so happy for you, and love you both very much. xoely

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