2010 Year in Review: Ely Fair, Oklahoma City Wedding Photographers

Wow. This year flew by. Seriously. I am still writing 2009 on things sometimes. As I look back at the past 365 days, it seems like a blur and pivotal, all at the same time.  I remember way back in January on my personal blog, I had made new year’s promises. Yes, promises, not resolutions. I don’t like resolutions, it’s to confrontational for me. So I made some promises. I had 5. And would you like to know how many I followed through on….drum roll please….a big fat zero. (insert wa-wa sound here.) well, maybe I get half a point. Here they were:

Start a Personal Photography Project – This is maybe where I get half a point. I did start one…and I have been taking a picture every day, but they are living in my phone and computer, haven’t been good at sharing them….

Cook one new meal a week – yeah right. I should have known myself better.

Walk Pete more often- I’m a terrible she master. But he did get lots of pets and treats!

Attend a photography workshop. I really wanted to do this one, but timing was never right. This will be on my list for next year, too.

Think more about God. I think that maybe I did think more about God this year. Not as much as I would have liked. Ryan losing his job really did make me see in a lot of ways how we were provided for exactly when we needed it. It helped me to see that we have got someone on our side.

Although I epically failed to follow through on the promises to myself (those are always the hardest to keep, am I right?), I do feel like there were lots of great accomplishments this year. A lot of them having to do with photography. We photographed our first destination wedding, had people follow our blog (other than my sister), launched a new website and blog design, had a mentor session with 2 photographers we really respect, 42 of our weekends were booked with a session, photographed weddings in 6 new locations, and-- I think the best being--that Ryan joined up with the photography business full force this year. And I feel like it has just made this job I love even more loveable. Not to toot our own horns, but I just feel like in a lot of ways the places I lack strength, he happens to be really good at, and it teaches and pushes me to learn and be better. Man, we should get married or something. :)

Anyway, enough of my gabbing, I think that our year would best be described by some of our favorite photos from 2010 (in no certain order--click to enlarge).

Thanks to everyone who has made our 2010 so great!

Kyle and Carrie's Ice Skating Engagement Shoot: Ely Fair, Oklahoma City Lifestyle Photographers

Rebecca & Stefan: Ely Fair, Oklahoma City Wedding Photographers