Tiffany and Jason: Ely Fair, Oklahoma City Engagement Photographers Visit Tulsa

This engagement session was a blast. For many, many reasons. First of all, Jason and Tiffany were hilarious. They have such a playful attitude-- Jason was cracking jokes the whole time, and Tiffany was just rolling her eyes at him. They were so flirty and playful in their attitudes, it made the time fly by. Second--Tiffany had and plan. Which was good since Ryan and I aren't super familiar with the Tulsa area (but we are getting better!). She and Jason had gotten engaged at the spectacular Mayo hotel in downtown Tulsa, so they wanted to do their shoot starting there, and focusing in their hometown. We ABSOLUTLY LOVE IT when our clients have an idea for their shoot. Mainly because we know that their ideas will reflect their personalities in ways that we would never have known with-out their help. It makes for a really personal shoot. Taking pictures in Tulsa was a really fun shift for us since we are so used to shooting in OKC. It was challenging and exciting all at the same time. Third reason why the shoot was so great-- Jason loves to kiss Tiffany. So it made for great pictures.

Those heels! I would trip and die in them, but Tiffany sported them all around town like a champ. Aren't they cute? And it was their idea to jump in the street, love it when my clients have ideas!!! Had so much fun with you two, good luck in your life together! xoely

Rathjen Family: Ely Fair, Oklahoma City Photographer

Morelock Family: Ely Fair, Oklahoma City Photographer