Hudson Family: Ely Fair, Oklahoma City Photographer

This session is proof that I love doing this. This photography thing. Taking photos, capturing bits and pieces of people's lives. I'm not going to lie...I had a hard time psyching myself up for this session. Not because of anything the lovely Hudson family had done, but because it had just been a rough week. Ryan's Grandfather had passed away, I hurt my elbow (don't ask...), and I was feeling a little emotionally worn out. The funeral was in the afternoon before this shoot, and I, in general, was feeling defeated. But as soon as the Hudson family walked my way, my excitement grew. They just seems to have a caring feeling that travels with them. It's apparent in the way they interact, and the way they love their children and each other. And the energy and zeal that little Jack had rubbed off on me--getting to see and interact and capture that gave me life. Even though they didn't know what a tough day I had had, being able to do something I greatly enjoy for people that love each other, totally lifted my spirits. Thank you Hudson family for that!

Thanks Again! xoely

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