Project 365-The Beginning: Ely Fair, OKlahoma City Photographer

Okay, so those of you who know me personally, know that I am not good at keeping myself accountable to things-- that I want for myself, anyway. Following through when it involves other people-- I'm your girl. But when I have an idea or dream, I get very excited, and teem with billions of ideas, but then tend to get busy and it looses it's luster. I've been wanting to do a 365 project for a while. I'm pretty sure I've been telling myself that I've wanted to do one for...well, amost 365 days. I'm pretty sure it was my new years resolution at the dawn of 2010...and I did it once.

Buuutttt, one of my lovely friends and clients encouraged a group of her buddies and I to do it together. Which is PERFECT for me, because now there are other people that I'm accountable to! And, she gave us all themes that we could work off of incase we needed inspiration.

So, what I am going to do, it try to weekly post my photos from that week. And explain my thought process, and my camera settings. And here we go!!

The Beginning When I hear that phrase, it queues the James Earl Jones voice in my mind to start reading "In the beginning was the Word..." So, I started my 365 project with a theme of creation, and (loosely) going through the days of creation. Light, sky, land & seas, stars, creatures & man.

f/1.4, shutter speed: 1/1250 s, ISO 200

f/4.5, Shutter Speed: .50 S, ISO 800, Swinging on my porch swing under the lights on the pergola

f/1.4, Shutter Speed: 1/50 S, ISO 800, at night, under the lights outside

Taken with my phone, no info

f/2.8, Shutter Speed: 1/3200 S, ISO 200

f/2.8, Shutter Speed: 1/500 S, ISO 320Taken with phone :)

Alright! One week down, 51 more to go!

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