Cute Corbin Turns One: Ely Fair, Oklahoma City Children Photographer

It doesn't get much cuter than this little guy. Corbin is our...2nd cousin? Is that right? The son of Ryan's cousin. Whatever the relation, she's just pretty precious. We were getting him to laugh with this little giraffe, and he would totally get a belly laugh going, shaking and all. I love baby belly laughs! We did a quick little mini session with him, and his mama, Jamie,  got him a yummy little cake from Ruth Bakery here in town. She was cracking me up because it's not actually the "smash cake" size that the bakery offers. Jamie decided she needed BIGGER! And it was perfect :)

Rest in Peace cake. You served your purpose well. And from what I got on my camera, you were pretty tasty, too. xoxe

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