Coop & Kerr: Ely Fair, Oklahoma City Family Photographer goes to Tulsa

Goodness, where to begin on this family. I feel like I will definitely not do them justice by the story I tell about the few hours I spent with them. But, in general, the best way I can describe them is joyful. Simply full of joy. From the second I walked in their adorable home, I felt so welcomed. They were completely gracious, completely trusting, and completely so in love with their little boys.

Coop & Kerr have had a tough road that they've traveled in their little lives so far. They came early, and spent the first two and a half months in the hospital. Little Kerr was barely over 2 lbs. These two really are really little miracles. And in the short time I spent with their mom and dad, I definitely can see that they recognize that and treasure their two little men.

Every newborn session I have, I feel so honored that I have been chosen to capture the precious beginnings of life. I know, just change my name to cheesy, but it really is true. There is something about newborns that is unlike anything else I photograph. And being invited into Coop and Kerr's lives to document them in their first few weeks back from the hospital, I felt even more honored that I got to be a part of their triumph homecoming.

So, with out further ado, meet Coop & Kerr:

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Cooper & Kerrick Sneak Peek! Ely Fair, Oklahoma City & Tulsa Baby Photographer