A Swim Shoot: Ely Fair, Oklahoma City Photographer

Here it is, the much anticipated fun shoot I did! The month of August in Oklahoma is far to hot to do any shoots outside. It's just miserable. So, August is my self proclaimed photography sabbatical. I did sneak in a couple of inside shoots, but in general, I steered clear of any photos that would involve me venturing into the great outdoors. I had such big plans for this month....I was going to paint some furniture, revisit some of my old sessions that got lost off the blog when I moved over to the new site design, eat bonbons and relax in general. Um, right, none of those things actually happened. But I did catch up with some wonderful friends, went on an impromptu vacation to California (more to come on that!), and helped Ryan get started on his new job!! All that to say...even with how dead set I was to not take anything but personal photos this month, when Lindsay called me and said she wanted to do an old fashioned swimsuit shoot, I couldn't resist. It's only about all of the things I adore--vintage, playful, cute, and coca-cola.

We had a blast taking these pics, just laughed the whole time. So much fun. Thanks ladies! xoely

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