Who’s Excited?? Ely Fair, Oklahoma City Wedding Photographer Introduces The Booth!

Pete is, obviously, can't you see the excitement in his face. Don't worry, he was rewarded heavily with treats after this.

But Ryan and I sure are! We are excited that we are working out the final details on our newest product, the photo booth!!!!! We have been thinking about doing this for months, but just hadn't had the time to figure it all out. But we are really pumped, and think it's going to be soooooo fun. It' not your normal get into a cramped little box, and photos spit out the side type booth-- it's a 9 foot backdrop that several people can get into the picture and do crazy and fun things. Our official debut will be at Amanda & Todd's wedding in September, but I think we are going to tote it around with us for a couple events beforehand.

But we need your help....we need a name. We have been brainstorming, and haven't had the 'Ah-Ha' name yet. So far our favorite name is The Big Shot Booth or The Booth. Ryan doesn't think I should tell you this, but actually, our favorite name was 'The John Wilks Photo Booth - Let Us Shoot You," but thought that might not be the most politically correct thing to do. But we were going to donate a penny of every dollar to The Lincoln Memorial Library and Museum in IL, so that would have made it alright, right??? We have actually been to that museum, and it's pretty awesome. If you're ever in Springfield you should go.

Anyway, we would love your brainstorming and opinions on a name...we would lavish you with praise and possibly some free photos if we choose your suggestion. Comment NOW PLEASE! xoely

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