Travis & Laura; ely fair, Oklahoma City Lifestyle Photographer

Ryan and I recently got back from a trip in Denver. I was there for the HOW Design conference. It was great being around thousands of other creatives who love letter forms just as much as I do. Since plane tickets were such a good price, Ryan tagged along and played around town while I was in classes all day, and then we hung out at night. Denver was soooo amazing. Mainly because the weather was perfect. Warm, but not too hot, during the days, and then cool enough at night to wear a cardigan. Love it. My most favorite type of weather ever. Which unfortunately only happens 3 or 4 times of the year in good ol' Oklahoma.

The other great thing about Denver was that we had lots of friends and family to see there. One of the lovely couples we got to see were Travis and Laura. Ryan and I know T from a campus organization we were all involved in at OSU. Laura is his beautiful bride of three years. AND they are the masterminds behind the cameras of Fuse Photographic.

Last month Travis and Laura came to Oklahoma City to photograph a wedding, and they were so gracious to have a mentor/photo session with Ryan and I. I am eager to learn from people who I respect and are more experienced than I am, and so Ryan and I nailed them with questions for hours, and then they took us on location to take some photos. It was amazing. They have great talent, skill, and knowledge, but the thing that is really special about these two is that they have a lot of joy. In general they are joyful people, and they are very passionate about what they do. One thing they  taught me by simply spending time with them is that it's okay to show the excitement that I have about photography, and I don't have to be all business all the time. I can be personal with people and can still have mutual respect between me and my clients.

So, naturally, when we were going to Denver, we asked if they would like to have dinner with us. And they asked if WE would do a photoshoot with THEM! I was so nervous! Ryan, of course was not, but what a huge task to take photos of photographers!

But T & L are two of the most gracious and encouraging people I've ever met. Mean that, not just sayin'. So they put my weary soul at ease as soon as we said hello. And they have a cute old VW van that they lovingly call Guanella (which they are actually on a road trip with right now) that they wanted to be photographed with, so right off the bat we had a great start to a great photo shoot! We grabbed some fun things they had at their house, piled it into Guanella, and were on our way to shot in the Denver countryside. The shoot was a blast, and I love how the photos turned out.

I'm jealous that they have such a beautiful backdrop available to them every day of the year!

Thanks for everything that you shared with us, I feel blessed to have gotten to learn from and be inspired by you. xoxoely (look, that's me being really personal!)

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