The Weidman Family: Ely Fair, Oklahoma City Photographer

I have to confess...I'm not 100% sure I'm spelling their name right. No clue really. And I probably could dig in my records and find it, but I'm going off memory here-- so many apologies if I got it wrong! Maybe someone can help a girl out and let me know. I know it's buried in my files somewhere because I photographed their beautiful wedding a while back! Aren't they a handsome couple?? And now their family has grown from two to three! Meet little Carter!

Look at that head of hair! I love his little comb over :) It is really fun getting to see Jenni and Ryan from when they got married and it was all about their love, and how that love that they have for one another has spread to include a sweet little boy. I like how being a photographer isn't necessary a one time job-- I get follow them through life's big moments!  I heart my job!

Cater's daddy is a big WOW (world of warcraft) fan, this little guy is destine to be one too--check out that face! He's a serious gamer.

You think it's just a sweet kiss from his daddy, but he's really sharing game secrets to use against his buddy Greyson in a few years...

The  End :)

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