Feeling Special: A Thank You from Ely Fair, Oklahoma City Wedding & Family Photographer

Have I ever mentioned that I love my clients? I really do. After most sessions, I walk away feeling that I wish we could go out to dinner, and then come back to my house and play a riveting game of Jenga. And especially after weddings, we feel like we’ve shared such a personal and important day with people, that I actually feel close to them. And really have contemplated seeing if the Bride and Groom would like to come to our house and hang out and see their photos for the first time when I finished editing them.

Yesterday, I had a “I love my clients” day. First thing, I got home had this little guy was waiting for me in the mail from the V’s, who I photographed earlier this summer:

Only to my most favorite store! Thanks B.V., Erica & Molly, you know me well :)

And if that wasn’t good enough, another one of my most favorites emailed me photos of some locations that she saw that she thought I might like to take people to. Not even thinking of he spots for her own family, she just saw them and thought they were cool. And took the time to go out and take photos so I could see them. This is her daughter, Geneva. She’s so precious.

Picture is awesome, Lara! I love how interested she is in the flowers. So cute.

And the third thing that really made my day wasn't necessarily from a client, but still one of my favorite people, my grandma. When we were back visiting in April, she gave me some of her recipe cards, and I mentioned how I liked them because they were in her handwriting, and I thought that was special. So she's been sending me recipes in her handwriting since. That makes me happy.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks to ALL of my clients to tell them that I really appreciate your business, and letting me be part of your lives. And if you ever want to hang out, go have drinks, play bocce ball, I’m in… xoely

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