Ryan’s New Brother, Boone! ely fair, Oklahoma City Pet Photographer

Hello, I’d like you to meet Ryan’s new brother, Boone Tickens! He is just the fluffiest, sweetest, wrinkly little ball of fur!A lovely scene of this chocolate labrador retriever getting his picture taken in the grass as he explores his new world

A puppy sniffing and exploring and already looking wise in these two images.A happy new brother holds his parents new pet while he explores and sleeps in his early stages of his new home.  This puppy resides in Oklahoma City and Ely Fair Photography was happy to take the new pet portraitsBrothers from another mother :)

Boone has already experienced a lot for being a little guy, his master here takes care of him furthering the bond between the two.When Mama and Papa Fair picked him up, the poor little guy had a tick party going on in his fur. Hence the name Boone ‘Tickens,’ and everyone has been watching him closely. Here is his daily inspection.

When he was brought home the first thing this little chocolate labrador retriever did was find the waterfowl identification book hopefully foreshadowing his real pursuit later on when he becomes a hunting dog.Rough life. This is my favorite part of dogs. That little line that goes up to their nose—I think it is so cute.

This puppy know's who he belongs to and doesn't want to be very far from him at all times.  This shot exemplifies even the pet emotion that Ely Fair Photography can capture.A proud new puppy owner with his new prize of a pet.  A boy and his pup

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