Hannah Banana and Her Bunch: ely fair, Oklahoma City Child and Family Photographer

Oh Hannah. What can I say about this lovely lady?? When we first met in college, she lived in my dorm and was involved in the same campus organization as I was, but I was just sure we weren’t going to be friends. I didn’t even correct her when she pronounced my name incorrectly because I knew it wouldn’t matter. She was too wild and flirty. ;)

But, of course, as most first impressions go, I was wrong about her. What I viewed as wild and flirty really was creative…and flirty (tee hee hee). And naturally, we became best friends. The type of person who knows my heart, and we can pick up where we left off even though we don’t live in the same town anymore. We shared many laughs, cries, late night trips, bad boyfriends, pet bunnies, and, oh yes, COLLEGE together.

Hannah married the first boy she had a crush on in college. Todd. We all thought he was dreamy. And now they have just added another perfect, beautiful, little girl to their family. Meet Audrey.We have a large wooden bowl that we love to put everything in including our photography clients!

A further look at the extraordinarily large bowl, things in bowls are cute!

Cute Audrey sleeping in a bowl with dressup clothes and an awesome blanket.

This is Emy. Actually Emarie Elyse. Yes, after me. I’m so proud. Especially because she is the sweetest and cutest little girl around. She must have gotten that from me.... Emy struck the cutest poses for the camera and loved being in a photo shoot!

The many faces of Emy Ely. Mad Emy, Confused Emy, Suprised Emy... The many faces of Emy, she loves to make faces for photos.

Emarie is the best big sister, too. Always wanting to play dress up with her little sister

These two sisters love being with each other and Ely Fair Photography has the best blankets to lay on

Two sisters laying down and posing, well one is posing the other I'm pretty sure is sleeping, but that's ok!

The sisters laying down in a creative and unique lifestyle portrait poseIs this not just the most gorgeous family you’ve ever seen? Ryan and my kids are going to have complexes being friends with these folks. Hopefully we will have boys, and then their girls can marry our boys, and then we will get some of the pretty in our bloodline!The Darrough Family all laying down for a unique perspective for a family portrait photo.Todd’s company has an OKC office, I’m trying to convince them to move down, and then you could see many more pics of this beautiful family. Love you guys tons, thanks for visiting us!

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