Baby Boston, 3 month pics: Ely Fair, Oklahoma City Baby Photographer

Do you guys remember little Boston from 3 months ago?? Here's a little reminder from his newborn pics: And here he is now! I can't believe how much he has grown!

I get to see little Boston every three months as part of his 'First Year' package, and I just absolutely LOVE getting to see how much he has grown, and what his latest tricks are. And hearing his little voice. First thing he did when I saw him was give me a big squishy-cheeked smile, but then was sooo serious the rest of the time :)

This is my first year to offer the Baby's First Year Package (lots of first's here!), and one thing that I didn't expect to also notice and enjoy is how parents also change and grow through the experience of having a new baby. When I first met Boston's folks, he was barely 10 days old, everything was new and uncharted. They were totally awesome, but still had that sense of experiencing the unknown. And now they are so comfortable with Boston, and you can just see how they've function together as a family. Everything is so natural--it's really neat to be able to see that growth and bonding.

I can't wait until Boston's 6 months! I love my job!

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