Cassie's Wedding Invitations: Ely Fair Photography, Oklahoma City Wedding Photography

When I got home from work on Wednesday, I was greeted by this little pretty:

I'm not sure if I've mentioned before (I know not on this blog design), but I was formally educated in graphic design. Cassie is one of my dear and sweet friends from my time at OSU. We spent many late nights finishing projects, brainstorming and critiquing our work. And she pretty much took care of me--making sure I knew when deadlines were, and reminding me when we didn't have class.

I love that the directions/details card fits right over the "Meet Us By the Sea Shore" typography. It's like a little party when you open it! And the little boat--so perfect!

I am so excited to get to take her wedding photos in September. I have many more wonderful things to say about her--but I will save it for their wedding post. But I LOOOOVE her wedding invites and had to share.

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